We are always hiring!

We are always hiring!


In our delivery centers, we work closely together with local universities for training and internships, keeping a strong link between the curriculum and real life practice.

We offer an individual approach to students in internship programs, with the possibility to work for us in the future. The individual approach means that each practitioner has a personal mentor.

We believe that this method is the most efficient one and provides the required attention to students, which is crucial for gaining knowledge and new skills. Students who pass our internship selection will be working closely together with one of our teams, having the opportunity to be close to real life projects.

If you choose to participate in our internship program, these are the benefits that we provide:

Internship duration

The duration of the program is defined by the needs of the faculty curriculum or the student’s aspiration. The usual duration of the program is 3 weeks, from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day. Our internship program is designed to create real and valuable opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, to learn and gain valuable experience which they can use throughout their careers.

Internship positions are open and available during the entire year.

Internship selection process

Our internship selection process takes only a few steps:

How to apply?

Send your application by following the link below.




Through our years of experience in the cooperation with faculties and student organizations, we recognized the importance of scholarship programs. Talented and proactive students come to us looking for a possibility to meet the company and experience the working environment during their studies. They are motivated to join us when they graduate.

This program is designed to provide additional motivation for top students, and to encourage them to be more efficient in finishing their studies. As a company, we recognize good work and aim to reward students to keep up the good work.

Who can apply? What are the conditions?

Our Scholarship is for students who are in the school year 2016/2017 enrolling 4th and 5th year of the:

You must have met all the required conditions (mandatory exams) to enroll in the next study year.

Scholarship related obligations

As a student, we expect you to sign a scholarship contract with us, with the obligation to work for the company after finishing your studies. The duration of work obligation is the same as the duration of scholarship that you have been granted.

You are also obliged to finish your studies efficiently and within the expected deadline.

Scholarship duration

We provide the scholarship during one university year, in a 10 month period, starting from October 1st until the end of September (with a pause during July and August).

Scholarship selection process

Our scholarship selection process includes several steps:

How to apply?

You can submit your application until September 30th 2016. After the application deadline, we will invite all candidates to a selection interview in Levi9. Just follow the link below to apply.

APPLY FOR Scholarship