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MasterClass season 3 premieres in April!

We are looking for motivated graduates or advance students who are ready to learn and join our team in Belgrade!

You will be one of the carefully selected young professionals who will be engaged in intensive training, learning all aspects of JavaScript platform and JavaScript programming language. MasterClass includes several workshops: Html/CSS, basic JavaScript, Advanced JavaScript, Node.js, Angular and React.js.

During and after the course you will have the opportunity to work on different projects and further improve yourself through teamwork and collaboration with experienced colleagues.

Last September we have finished the first JavaScript MasterClass program in our Belgrade office and right now we are happy that the second group of trainees is already attending the first part of the program.

The first group of trainees, according to  mentors’ feedback and the demonstrated knowledge, was exceptional. They were very pleased with mentors who, according to them,  were excellent and dedicated. Mentors have put a tremendous amount of effort into preparing materials and sample projects, as well as demonstrating and sharing knowledge with young colleagues.

To get the best impression of what our MasterClass program looks like, we asked our past year’s trainees about their impressions.

Neda, advance student at the Faculty of Mathematics, told us how she had found out about our MasterClass program:

“I saw an advertisement for Levi9’s JavaScript MasterClass while browsing my Faculty’s Facebook group. Intrigued by the ad, I did research on the company. I understood immediately that this was how I wanted to start my career.”

Miljan, final year at Bachelor studies of the School of Electrical Engineering, told us more about the selection process for the MasterClass:

„I heard about JavaScript MasterClass during the ITKonekt conference, where I spoke with Milica, Levi9 Talent Partner. My first impression about the program was excellent, and I knew for sure I wanted to be part of it. During the next few days, I had the HR interview, where I have spoken to Milica about my career plans and formal education. The very next day I had a technical interview with Danijel and Dušan, Levi9 senior developers. The overall atmosphere was very pleasant and we went through the list of my technical skills and previous projects. At the end, I was given two programming tasks to solve. I would definitely recommend everyone to apply for the JavaScript MasterClass program, as it is the great opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced developers to learn cutting-edge front-end technologies“

First days are always memorable, so we asked Dušan, advance student at the School of Electrical Engineering, how he remembers them:

„I wish that there are more companies where you can feel welcome like you can in Levi9. For the first few days in Levi9 I found nothing but friendly, smiling faces willing to help you adjust to  the new work environment. I found myself in a very well-organized company where people keep track of every little obstacle you have and help you adapt to new job with kindness and some very useful advice for the IT beginner that I was. I found out that Levi9 is all about people and taking care of their needs, so I knew from the first day that I made the best choice for my first steps in IT“

Mladen, student at the Faculty of Informatics and Computing, told us more about the days when program was ending:

“By the end of MasterClass, I could look back at the time we spent learning and improving ourselves, and realize how much all of us improved our knowledge. While all of us were ready for work and challenges that will await us on our new projects, with our new teams, I was a little bit sad that it was ending, as the team members that participated in my round of MasterClass are all great people.”

Dijana, graduate from the School of Electrical Engineering, told us what is the most valuable thing she had learned during MasterClass:

“MasterClass training is great opportunity for juniors in front-end development to gain very good knowledge of JavaScript, Html, CSS and nowadays popular JS frameworks. All that we have learned at training (literally all) was helpful so far and will help us in the future. I would especially emphasize that we were taught to pay attention on understanding how things work under the hood and pay attention on performance of our code.  Also, we were always reminded to write good code and meaningful commit messages, which somebody may  think is not a big deal, but believe me it is, once this became your habit you saved a lot of time and annoyance for both yourself and others in the future.”

Radoje, graduate from the Faculty of Mathematics, recalls all those moments when it was time to relax:

“Luckily, I had good relationship with my classmates, so there were more than a few interesting moments that happened in our group. Most of them took place at the bar, on Friday, after work, where we would relax and look back upon our progress throughout the past weeks, followed with a lot of laughs and sometimes couple of cocktails. I would absolutely recommend MasterClass in Levi9 to anyone who is willing to learn new things and strive towards success. In return you will get a lot of help, and of course – solid base point of knowledge from where you can  start your journey encouraged and confident.”

If we have convinced you that this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, then send us your application via the link or at e-mail:

And if we have not succeeded in that, read the text again. 🙂

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