News, December 1st, 2017

Second in a row Hack9

Last year we launched Hack9, our own Levi9 Hackathon and last weekend our second edition happened.

For 24 hours Levi Niners showed their passion for technology, creativity and working together under high pressure which resulted in amazing cool software solutions.

Watch the video below to feel the atmosphere of this year’s hackathon.

9 + 9 teams from Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia took part in this 24-hour hackathon.

81 participants had the opportunity to show all the programming powers they possess.

After the sleepless night and the various bugs they overcome, four winning teams were selected: the winner chosen by the jury, the winner according to the votes of participants, the innovation award, and one special prize.

We are very happy that the two main awards (according to the jury and the participants) went to the teams from Serbia! ?

A big YAY for the Nine Gamers Guild team who won the jury award. The team consisted of the following members:

• Sonja Mijatovic
• Svetlana Kecojevic
• Nikola Janus
• Igor Stanisic
• Strahinja Vuckovic

Also, applause for the Augmented Devs team that won the Hack9 participants’ award and the members are:

• Ivana Vojnic-Kortmis
• Darko Bacic
• Vladimir Zdravkovic
• Bojan Antic

We hope that the winners enjoy deserved awards and until another Hack9 we wish you а lot of successful coding and inspiring ideas!

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